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Kshipra Linjara


Masses of Promenade | Research Centre in Arts & Crafts

With a Spatial theme of Connecting the disconnected, the idea is to propose a Centre for Research in traditional arts & crafts of Rajasthan. The proposed program provides a platform to artists, art & craft enthusiasts & people practicing making such products for Shilpgram. Such platforms allow to preserve the local creative tradition and the regional culture. The chosen built-form site, an abandoned built system is oriented to the south of Shilpgram at Udaipur. The built offers pre-existing grid hierarchical enough to configure spatial volumes. Considering the built system as a void, masses of named functions have been configured within.  The varying volume sizes will be configured within the plan by adding opaque/transparent or translucent walls inspired from the intricate jaalis, against the background of the grid. Interior Architectural Promenade as one of the features within the space will allow unexpected connections to discover the un-foreseen, enhancing the theme through experience. Each volume will act as an isolated unit flexible enough to be positioned as per the program requirements on each floor and through all the floors. The network of spaces should be a unique discovery on its own. The larger spaces will be achieved by duplicating the volumes. The attempt to resolve structural and spatial configurations will be attempted by varying size, orientation & profile to derive a kit of parts. An objective approach towards the project is with maximum use of one material with complementary materials to achieve a visual balance. Spatially complex yet simplistic appearance.

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Report Content

Studio Journey

Module 1 : Focus of the Studio

Module 2 : Articulation through ABC

Module 2 : Shop for Seeds - Concept, Tooling & Project Narrative

Module 2 : Shop for Seeds

Module 2 : Shop for Seeds & Final Project Panel

Module 3 : Final Project - Masses of Promenade

Masses of Promenade - Site with Program and System

Masses of Promenade - Plans & Views

Masses of Promenade - Interior Views & Furniture Assembly