Maansi Sood


AHMEDABAD - Municipal Finance

Ahmedabad is a Tier-1 city in Gujarat with a population of around 55 lakhs as per the 2011 census. Municipal Finance is an important field of study since it aids the local government in planning, mobilizing, and utilizing financial resources to provide services for the welfare of citizens. 
Municipal Finance in Ahmedabad is analysed on three major indicators: Fiscal health, Governance & Transparency through policy reviews, benchmarking & insights into financial statements. The formation of an SPV to implement & manage Business Improvement Zones (BIZs) in the city is proposed to enhance the fiscal health, while also improving the participation of locals and increasing accountability. The proposal was combined with two other services i.e. Street Vending & Parking to develop a pilot project in the Vastrapur Lake area.  

Report Content

Introduction to Municipal Finance in Ahmedabad & Understanding Regulatory Framework

Ratio Analysis of AMC & Limitations in Property Tax

Assessing Governance & Transparency for Municipal Finance in AMC

SIO Analysis of the current scenario to develop proposal concept

Formation of a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) & defining its functions

Governance structure of the SPV

Needs Assessment Survey & Devising a rationale for Assessment fees

Appraising Financial Feasibility & Implementation Timeline for the BIZ project

Appraisal through Business Model Canvas

Managing Payments & developing monitoring frameworks