Lopamudra Baruah


The Deserted Village

The project is called 'The Deserted Village' which is a poem by Oliver goldsmith, based on a village exploited by the city dwellers for their benefit. My speculation is based on very similar grounds primarily focusing on the lost economies and the self sufficient characteristics of the villagers. In my speculation i have imagined a new age village built on the basis of latest technology in the fields of construction and agriculture.

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The Sardar Sarovar Dam, constructed on the sacred Narmada River, aims to secure power, as well as irrigation and drinking water, for the drought-prone region. While records show that the dam irrigates 17,920 km2 area and provides electricity to Gujarat, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, the actual figures differ. Most of the villages are accomodating the negative impacts only for the urban areas to exploit complete profit.

The heist RDX, the architect has proposed to steal water from the aquaduct on the Narmada canal. Majnu is excited but he has a question for Uday, ' How will the city cope up?'. Uday has a tit for tat answer, 'Seh lenge wo thoda!'

Sectional perspective

Axonometric view

A view of the design

"Bhagwan ka diya sab kuch hai, ghar hai, zameen hai, zindagi eise sidhar gayi hai ki ab toh baadh bhi aaye toh jaise koi tyohaar ho"

A not a long time ago, in a galaxy not so far far away, war for resources is a global threat . These wars are initiated by us because of insensitive planning and design interventions. Our campus has seen a lot of alterations due to which water consumption has increased exponentially affecting usage of water amongst different buildings and open spaces. It is important for us to keep a tab on how much we use over the amount we consume. The very base of this game is monopoly where each player will

In my speculation, I have imagined the consumer as the resource. The washroom in any building consumes the most. What if it were to be the resource? And all of these buildings and open spaces could form connections with each other to address their water needs. Lets create a healthy competition within these entities which will thrive to consume less and less water by forming new connections. The empire has been taken down, water is no longer consumed in the CEPT universe. We are now a healthy gr

Our project agenesis, tries to capture the different topographical, physical and man made elements that lead to the different water issues in the city. We have identified some vacant spaces across the city which may be able to accomodate this stress. This project is focussed on developing green infrastrcuture for the city.