Abhishek Mummithi


The Food Cover

THE WATER TRAIL: This is a trail that is speculated as a part of the storm water drainage already existing on the campus. The design aims at making the invisible water flow, visible and enhance the interaction of people with water.

DOWNSTREAM: Flaws in the drainage system of the city leads to contamination of the river. With lack of access to other sources, in the downstream region, contaminated water from Sabramati is used for irrigation.

THE FOOD COVER: Focused on the urban concern of contamination and decreased food production in Ahmedabad, Food Cover is a speculative take on the potential of Ahmedabad to respond to the crisis. Inspired by C J Lim’s Food Parliament, the project reimagines water infrastructures to put food production at the core of the city’s functioning. Using the production of food as a medium to link the faalow of energy and nutrients from biotic to abiotic, the project hopes to prioritize the link between people and their environment. Injecting green space and air in the city, the intervention enhances livability while economizing production. Appropriating the existing built fabric into the design, it situtates a multitude of functions and creating employment opportunities and fostering community engagement. Fundamentally and most importantly, the project speculates closed cyclic systems of sustenance making the city a closed loop regenerative system centered around two resources most essential for survival - water and food.

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The Water Trail


Black Waters

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Axonometric View

ON CLOUD NINE A view of the hovering city amidst of the clouds

THE FOOD FALL Food being distributed throughout the city as air drops and transported by metro and the river to major vending points