Aryan Mani Iyer


Design,Theory,and Context

The work done through the spring semester(2017) was seperated into halfs.The first half concerned itself with the systematic study of a slum in ahmedabad(wadaj) and design interventions in the same,under the limitations of certain criteria.The second half of the work concentrated more on the theoretical study of cities and systems,the idea of a utopia,and the placement of our interpretation of the same in the primary context of wadaj.It culminated in the design of a complete system in the said place,contents of which are included in the presentation.

Report Content

After studying the various contexts in wadaj,this final sheet represents how the new system is to be placed therein.The contexts taken into consideration are highlighted,so is are the elements of the new system.

Study of the context in wadaj,and instances made possible wherein the new system can be implemened accordingly.

Basic overview of the utopian system,the conditions being to create an electrical system,considering the current one doesnt or hasnt existed in this form.

Case study-the Ideal city of Chaux

Citizens vs Ideal cities-a study of greek philosphical thinking in the late hellenistic period in regards to a city.

Study-wadaj(monsoons-diagrammatic representation)

Study-wadaj(dry parts of the year-diagrammatic representation)

Study-wadaj(post design intervention)

Schematic of design in wadaj(stage 2)

Schematic of deign in wadaj(stage 1)