Arnav Prakash


Foundation Studio- II

The studio was based on understanding various systems involved at different levels of a neighbourhood. The effect on the neighbourhood due to elimination of a particular system was studied, followed by the imagination of an Utopian system. The Utopian system was inhabited in a newly imagined neighbourhood in accordance to the system. The Utopian system at a later on stage was contextualised according to the site condition and the effects of it on the newly imagined neighbourhood was studied. The site for the study was- Parikshitnagar, Ahmedabad.

Report Content

Case study: Seaside Florida Reading: Spaces of Hope TO build and understanding of Utopia and systems involved with it.

Understanding of Various systems involved at different levels in the city.

Synthesis & Analysis after the elimination of Energy system.

Avatar: Showing the daily routine after the elimination of Energy system. Also, a day after establishment of new system. Its comparative study.

Model Of Imagined Neighbourhood with underground Biogas Plant.

Location of the Utopian Element in the given neighbourhood , section explaining the same & Contextualisation of the Element and its Material.

Context Comparision taking into consideration nearby areas.

Sketches: Response of the people towards the Utopian element

Various Sections showing the Supply pipelines along with the Underground Biogas Generator

Schematic Sections showing the- Input & Output of Biogas Plant, Before and after the contextualisation.