Aditi Mishra



The entire semester was indulged into understanding people and their systems. Further, the systems were disrupted and the concept of utopia and contextualising were used to create an alternative system which could replace the then disrupted systems and therefore the disrupted lives of the area.The system analysed here is the transport system and in alteration a system involving cable cars was introduced. 

Report Content

Analysation of a day in the lives of people with the disrupted system and then was a synthesis of things that could be done as a replacement .

Most suitable places for installing a network for the system function werelocated on the map and in the area visually.

A cross section from the area of parikshitnagar was taken consisting of the cable cars.

Keeping in mind the size and scale of Parikshitnagar the system created was modifies and final design was hence prepared.

The functioning of the system was finally mentioned stepwise and this is how the design has come forward.