Lopamudra Baruah



This project is about understanding the functionalities of the quotidian systems and the significance of its surroundings in its successful operation. This understanding is achieved by the various exercises that we have performed which entails the studying of different networks of social, political systems intertwined. My final project is based on production of electricity through friction. This alternate system would make men more responsible towards these systems because a major part of the product will be produced by them.. 

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first impression of Kochrab through the eyes of a tourist


mapping the perception of people using the neighbourhood to understand the functionality of existing systems

Mid semester charette: to understand the functionality of thresholds

Mid semester charette: to study the characteristics of thresholds

system disruption: understanding the functioning of a system in daily life

Imagining a neighbourhood holding the alternate system for electricity

contexualization of the alternate system

contexualisation of the alternate system