Teesta Singh


Migrant Housing

The project takes shape on site Maan Darwaza, Surat. With large migrant communities residing in Formal and Informal settlements. The project emphasizes the need to find a balance between order and chaos while designing housing for the low-income group. The design was developed with scope for modifications of each singular unit. Modification in terms of incrementality as well as unit shapes according to requirement. Instead of creating a rigid mimeographed unit, a cluster has been formed of mirroring units in different orientations to interlock into each other. Retaining the introverted neighborhood spaces and creating opportunities for interactions using courtyards while providing formalized housing units was the premise of design development Being a live-work community of people, an attempt is made to create flexible live-work spaces both inside and outside the housing unit by using staggering and other processes Instead of providing built inflexible structures for commerces, the goal has been to maximize shaded space keeping in mind Surats Climatic conditions, in order to promote the taking over of streets by the settlements dwellers in time.


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Shekh Sarai Case Study

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Site Maan Darwaja

Streets of Surat

Retain, Remove, Redesign

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Sectional Visualisation Of Settlement

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