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Aryan Mani Iyer


Migrant Housing - Cluster, Organisation and Development

the studio is premised on the study of the history and development of migrant inhabitation and housing, and the development of a design to suit the needs of a specific user group (working migrant communities in the mill compound area Ahmedabad). the initial exercises were focused around the development of a cluster organization based on linked and stacked modules, the same modules which were then taken ahead as singular units in the development/organization of a larger housing scheme within a zoned area of approx 6000-7000 sq.m in the monogram mills compound area,all done with specific responses to the selected communities.

Report Content

community/settlement study documentation and cluster organisation/development

Settlement/Community study - Chhattisgarhi migrants

Settlement/Community study - Magan Kumbhar Ni Chali (Dalit bahujan settlement)

Final site plan (zoning done on the monogram mills compound) containing the housing cluster design site

design plan (ground floor) and additional sections

design plan (first floor) and detailed section

selected cluster detailed plan with settlement specific insertions

process models-housing cluster development based on standard module (permutations and combinations of various clusters based on stacked/linked modules)

Final model (scale 1:200)

final model (scale 1:200)