Shriya Dhir


High density - Mix of uses

This project deals with the problems that arise because of high density neighbourhoods and the need to have more opportunities for people living there in terms of recreation, commerce and amenities. With the metro coming up on site the whole area near Jivraj Mehta hospital becomes a TOZ so there is going to be high density in the coming years. Now, the challenge is to accommodate 10,000 people in 11 hectares without compromising their spatial quality and human comfort.  Key objectives that this project focusses on are as follows- 1. Mix of uses 2. Easy accessibility to public transit and destination spots 3. Human comfort and spatial quality 
Using a parametric approach, an urban block of 50X50 was generated using the following fitness criterias – • Maximise volume of built• Maximise dedicated open space on ground• Maximise sky view factor from open spaces• Minimise sunlight hours on open space • Minimise solar radiation on built  The resulting variations were further evaluated on the kind of density and the nature of open spaces. Hence, the needed mix of uses and densities are accommodated which was the intent of the project. 

Report Content

Mapping density gradient through plans and sections

Case study - Akhbarnagar

Understanding packing and built typologies

Open spaces catalogue

Built density - site analysis

Ambition for the project

Development of pseudocode and fitness criteria