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Manoj S


Public Open space an Catalyst for Urban Transformation

Historically, all great cities were founded on the banks of rivers and were significant to the civilizations considering attributes of culture, economy, and transportation.
 Sabarmati river has been an integral part of the life of Ahmedabad since the time the city was founded. But as the city grew, the river bore the brunt of its development. it resembled any other Indian river of the day, polluted to a level where its water was no longer clean. Later efforts were taken to revitalize the river. The land has been reclaimed and redeveloped into city-level public space where people of Ahmedabad have access to the riverfront. But today, when we observe Paldi’s riverfront, we can observe how communities have turned their back to the river, wherein the excellent opportunity this riverfront provides is somewhere lost. 
Also while looking other cities like New York, Korea and Chicago wherein the transformation had led towards bringing their waterfronts central to urban development and its residents, in contrast to what we observe in the case of Paldi and its riverfront.

The proposal identifies TOZ LAP as an opportunity in exploring the possibility of connecting neighborhoods abutting the river, physically and socially, and also programmatically bringing activities that would bring the river to the forefront of urban transformation and development. Waterfront has a special place in the modern resident’s hearts because it connects with nature. While re-establishing public space program, enabling outdoor gathering opportunities, and improving riverfront accessibility. 

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Report Content

Vision & Objective for the Riverfront District Transformation

Masterplan Framework

Paldi Riverfront District context and its potentials

Detail design framework for the precinct transformation

Envisaged character of neighborhood along the Riverfront edge

Section showing the Biodiversity park integrated with the Neighborhood

Public realm Design - Riverfront Open space

Character sketch showing diverse activities along the Riverfront edge

Envisaged overall Transformation

Urban Design Guidelines and Development Strategies