Mansi Sureka


Streets as Social Spaces

Ahmedabad is transforming rapidly with huge influx of population leading to the expansion of city boundaries. Today the city is experiencing paralyzing traffic congestion, long travel times, lack of last mile connectivity, high cost of housing and real estate, increased demand for amenities, gardens, open spaces and much more. There is a need to plan and organise land resources for the city to grow as a livable and sustainable place. The Local Area plan addresses the current and future needs to bring in the projected densities while making the space more liveable. 

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Context & Project Intent


Envisoned Masterplan

Project 01: High Tension line Project

Land under High tension line through private plots and as a green space

Land under High tension line as play and transition street

Transformed throughfare: High tension line street

Project 02: Nehrunagar spine as a recreation & transition space

Transformed Spine: Nehrunagar spine Project

Envisioned Transformation