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Nitya Patel


Social Spaces and network in a neighbourhood

Learnings for the three theories of humanizing cities and the experiential quality has been put into the design of the neighbourhood, central open spaces and urban edge in the Vijaynagar. The human relations, everyday activities are closely studied and then translated into the needs of the people to make it more usable and enjoyable spaces, inclusive of all user groups. Few strategies used are creating an open space network, different programs introduced and staggering of the built to create different spaces vertically as well. 

Report Content

Mapping of the neighbourhood we live in. Streets of maninagar are mapped with many stakeholders, activities and interconnections between them are studied to understand the social life of everyday spaces.

Learnings from the three theories - Gehl, Schulz and Rapoport are condensed into an individual understanding of theory and the abstraction of the activities from the mapping to show the relation of a space with the social life.

The studio was a process of understanding and making spaces only through the medium of activities and its occupation in a space. Many iterations are developed through it.

Concept of the design is developed through activities on the masterplan.

Masterplan Comparison

Masterplan axonometric to show the built form around the central edge and the rest of the volume of built. It is to be considered that the same strategy of making the building is applied across the site and only for graphical legibility it is shown in cuboids.

Section of the central open space and different views and details.

Different edge conditions at different locations. This is to emphasize the importance of irregularity in the edge to maintain the dynamics of the space.

Eyelevel views of the central space

The conclusions and learnings through the entire process. This can be helpful to create guidelines to achieve the quality of spaces needed.