Yashraj Nayak


Terminal la Experencia

The project's goal is to create an intermodal transit hub in Vasna, a residential area in Ahmedabad's western outskirts. The goal was to transform the station into a location that could improve the quality of life in the neighbourhood along with integrating the AMTS bus system with the BRTS and para transport. A Vocational Skill- Development Workshop is another element that, in my design of the bus station, emphasizes the character of the place while keeping the purpose in mind. Connecting or rather merging the bus station with the workshops, is an endeavour to encourage the poor and middle-class people living near the bus station to learn new skills and apply them in their everyday lives.

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sketch depicting transit experience at Vasna bus terminal

Site Studies

Case studies

adjacency diagrams

design development and process

Roof plan



Function x and roof structure exploded

1: 100 final model