Namoshi Basu


Ingress- A Multimodal Transit Hub

'The Ingress Project' is a multimodal transit hub accommodating a bus terminal and a railway station in Kayavarohan, Vadodara. The project recognizes the idea of the transit hub as an entrance space to the town and also the changing techniques and people-centric approach of designing public buildings. The building form is shaped by the functions in and around the hub like the bus and motor vehicle circulation, ticketed and non-ticketed areas, etc, and enhanced by climatic factors like wind direction and sun movement. 
 The plaza is a conscious addition to the project in an attempt to build the image of the transit hub as a landmark and a welcoming space not only for the visitors but also for the locals.   

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Report Content

Illustration: Stationary Activities at a Railway Station

Planning and Organisation: Area Program and Adjacency Diagram

Planning and Organisation: Site Plan

Form and Space Development: Concept Sheet

Form and Space Development: Model Explorations

Form and Space Development: Building Plan

Form and Space Development: Building Elevations and Street Section

Form and Space Development: Longitudinal and Transverse Building Sections

Construction and Detailing: Wall Sections

Construction and Detailing: Axonometric and Rendered Drawings