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Shreya Vijay Sonar


RIVERSCAPE (where people and river thrive toghether)

Riverscape emerges as a visionary initiative centered around the Daman-Ganga River, aiming to redefine the riverfront experience for both tourists and the local community. The project envisions a dynamic space with diverse edges and surfaces, encouraging exploration and moments of contemplation. Its mission extends beyond aesthetics, seeking to establish a profound connection between visitors and the river while imparting knowledge about its importance. With a commitment to sustainability, Riverscape strives to create a vibrant environment that benefits generations to come. Economic empowerment is a key focus, generating jobs, supporting local businesses, and incorporating eco-friendly infrastructure. Adaptable temporal spaces enhance community well-being, offering recreational opportunities during non-flooding periods. Furthermore, Riverscape promotes access to the river for fishing and boating, alongside initiatives to improve water quality and conserve habitats. This holistic approach weaves together sustainable development, cultural enrichment, and environmental stewardship, leaving a timeless legacy for all.

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Report Content

Landing: 1st impression of the site

Sub-Regional map and vegetation map

Socio-culture Narative


Design Strategies

Finding and Founding

Plan1 (Hard Edge)

Plan2 (Soft Edge)


Visualization of Ghat (Hard Edge)