Manoj S


Urban Living Room -Integrated Township masterplan

The proposal of a vibrant and inclusive neighbourhood community is just enough to provide for everybody’s needs. The master plan offers a wide variety of housing choices, retail and cultural facilities with employment opportunities, an urban school, and a 60-acre green corridor act as an urban living room. An expansive public realm program weaves together a unique fabric of residences, offices, shops, restaurants, civic uses that inculcate the habit of healthy living by enhancing microclimate and improved air quality. There are three key highlights of the development. They are Enhanced community living, Robust connectivity and Human-ecology symboitism.

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Report Content

Site introduction and background

Master plan framework

Proposed Township master plan

Elements of urban form

Green District - Detail design framework

Green District - Detail design framework

Lakefront District - Detail design framework

Public open space detail

A view showing the central Green corridor and lakefront view

Urban design guidelines