Shradha Gupta


Integrated Township Master Plan

The master plan design is oriented towards a variety of open space one experiences throughout. These open spaces are further integrated with road network which divides the site into smaller parcels and make the site more accessible and walkable. The site edge is planned to have more commercial use so as to make it more publically accessible where amenities like retail shops, hotels and office spaces are planned, along with this small kiosks are designed which further activate the space during late hours as well. The interiors designed to be more resident oriented where open spaces are designed to be private, at neighbourhood level as well as publically accessible. Each parcel is to have mixed use typology with some institutional spaces and commercial spaces which ensures community development at block level and site level. For community learning a school supported with a sports club is also proposed.

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Report Content

Located along NH 48 the site provides good opportunity to be developed as a residential township

Incorporating natural greens with mixed neighbourhood and good walkability

The master plan strategies were to have a various mix of green open spaces incorporated witth neighbourhood built

the residential unit block detail explains the connection between built and common public places

The view is to explain the quality of primary open space

the view expplains the nature of green open space designed to promote walkability within parcels.

The Mixed- Use Urban block explains the nature of open space the built abutting them

View of green pedestrian walkway in each

street view to capture 18 M wide secondary road abutting mixed use built

Key learning from the project was to work on the bigger scale and responsive towards nature