Divyanshu Prakash


Integrated Township

India as a nation rising to the Phase ii stage of development has been observed going through massive transformations. Urbanization is one of the major changes observed throughout the last thirty years. Regulated urbanization has been neglected thus rural land decrease and agricultural land deprivation have been observed along with it. Urbanization on the other hand is very necessary to serve the ongoing population growth of the country. New cities are developing in different states but mostly old city fringes are developing. The biggest criticism these areas face is being urban sprawls with less public amenities. This studio has been designed to introduce students to a new idea of urban expansions and dealing with Greenfield projects. Here the township development which was given as the exercise has been treated as an individual sustainable city development along with less dependency on housing matters on the main city, at the same time being aware that it is not being built on a blank slate. It has to be engaged in the existing city and should stimulate future growth in the same pattern. It develops along with its activity generators keeping in mind the necessities of Indian people which they gather from an urban settlement. These activity generating regions are of various kinds with institutions, commercials, residential neighborhood, industrial as well as recreational as the main parts of it. The cross-over infrastructure also occupies more than 20% landholding of the site which also includes the land holdings for sewage treatments, existing water runoff ground, and the heavy vegetation existing in the land. The research for the site of Telav Township has been to keep alive the existing vast landscapes and how to introduce high-density active zones within it which also encourages life that is grand and never limited by the mundane; a life full of possibilities to stop living small and start living large. Enjoy tranquillity amidst a placid Canal Front with a shopping arcade, delight in a beautiful Eco Park. Which makes the township connected to the city brings people into it and helps us to achieve the idea of an active, walkable, and sustainable healthy lifestyle of living. So, the master planning creates a vibrant prototype physically and visually. The township gives comfort and hassle-free pedestrian movement which connects the open spaces to make it porous for people living in it.

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