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Nitya Patel


Introduction to skills used in Urban Design

This was the foundation semester, which included alot of various topic to broaden our thinking abilities, critical thinking, and different ways of looking and understanding things. We started with the basics of what is perspective and ended on mapping and data collection of the site. In between lies the model making of the site, section elevation, plans to plans of neighbourhood to the complete site. 

Report Content

This was after the midsemester, where we had to go to the site use google earth and come up with a detailed plan of the whole site. This is juna wadaj, with an eye shaped garden. The actual size of the plan is 4 A0s dividing them into equal parts. This was a group project amongst 14 people in the group.

This assignment had to focus on the highlighting the activities happening in the alloted time frame and representing it in the best way for a person to easily understand.

The conventions of the mappig was to be decided as a group. This was movement mapping of seven different things like a car, bicycle, walking, person, dog, vendor, autorickshaw. We had to understand the cause of the movement and the influence. Show them in perfect graphic representation.

This is a final review assignment where a site had to be chosen from the old city area. This chowk is Swaminarayan temple chowk near kalupur. I have tried to relate the facade conditions to the activited happening near it.

The first project on mapping was to map the activities. The site is Shah e alam. With that we also mapped the traffic movement (which wasnt asked but misunderstood)