Aditi Mishra


Wheel and Kiln

Pottery has been a very important occupation for the people of Ambli , especially the Prajapati community for a long period of time. However, with people moving out and taking up different modes of business, pottery kind of diluted with time. It was a great opportunity for me to revive this occupation, with the help of my vision to increase employability of young women with the help of capacity building . The program incorporates in itself, the idea of conducting workshops for skill development, which majorly involves pottery workshop, which then helps these women to put their skill set to work under a production unit, from where the finished goods,once procured are packed and marketed to various places outside Ambli. The program also features exhibition space to showcase various artsy products which can also be bought by people. Additional features to the program are the presence of kids play area and public gathering space that can be accessed by people of Ambli, therefore providing a platform for interaction. Overall development of women through this program, boosts their confidence and helps them express themselves through and imparts a sense of individuality to these women .  

Report Content

Describing through flash cards , what was the first impression of the site , we had .

Based on the book, "On typology of Architecture ", the next part was to determine crucial elements that help us differentiate between , inside out ,following form and type.

Hierarchy of spaces

Hierarchy of spaces

Mapping with people, a part of community interaction

Inferences to the mapping exercise , based on what the people of Ambli had to say about the space.

Inference ,(part 2) ,showing the important trigger points that dictate choice of movement for people.

KALA KAUSHALYA , a program developed to help young women develop their own identity amd a sense of individuality.

Design development - Identifying important program areas.

Space area allocation for the proposed program of pottery and skill development for the people, especially YOUNG WOMEN at Ambli.