Aditi Mishra



New Faisalnagar, an integral part of Bombay Hotel houses a large number of rickshawalas who drive within Faisalnagar to earn a living. The project aims to develop an integrated structure keeping the needs of the people of Faisalnagar at priority. These being the unavailability of public toilets , especially for the autowalas, absence of conventional resting points with adequate shade for passersby to rest.  

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An introduction to the informal network we are looking into .

The reason behind choosing autowalas irrespective of various other networks already present is because the rickshawalas were equally important to the area as were the inmates.

Mapping network #1.

Mapping network #2.

Another part of the board game study was the game SAFAR, it dealt with the illicit activities the children face, and various other reasons that lead to them becoming dropouts.

Pick and Drop, a board game has been put up to depict the day to day activities and difficulties the rickshawalal go through.

Because every game requires rules and regulations, those for this particular game have been illustrated in a well descriptive manner.

The final design has been integrated onto one sheet depicting the circumstances, stakeholders, materials, making, uses, site, etc.