Vidisha Sahay


My Kind of Play

Instilling the values of play in the methods of working as well as the work, there were two aspects to this learning process. Firstly, understanding the site in a limited time period and representing that understanding through the game board and secondly designing in context a contested space involving multiple contingencies. The given readings that were taken up simultaneously provided a much needed layer of understanding.

Report Content

Locating New Faisalnagar

Narrative Walk (through a network: Informal Routes to School)

Individual Game Designing

Learnings from the Readings

Group Game: Studied come together

The Game (SAMADHAAN) & its Components

Iterations of Solutions as a Result of the Group Game

Stakeholders of the Design

The Design Intervention: Bringing Tuk Tukia into Action

Looking at Tuk Tukia, piece by piece