Aishwarya Rishitha Nagireddy


The Meandering Fringe

Street Vending forms a major part of the Indian Informal Economy, but they still are the most exploited category of people. Jubilee Circle is one site where the vendors constantly undergo societal atrocities and infrastructural shortcomings. The design aims to create a safe bounded haven for the vendors while making it porous. It consists of a ribbon that meanders around the periphery mutating itself into functionalities and catering to a wide range of stakeholders, inevitably increasing the monetary gain of the vendors, being sensitive to their needs, and providing growth opportunities.

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Vikalp - Game Board

Vikalp - Game Box Components



Vikalp - Gameboard

The Meandering Fringe - Perspective plan

The Meandering Fringe - Perspective Section

The Meandering Fringe - Kit of Parts + Assembly

The Meandering Fringe - Isometric

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