Aryan Mani Iyer


Labourers 'ka' space

The project details the process undertaken in the studio through 4 stages - Uncovering, Mapping, Articulation and deepening. it began with the establishment of a theoretical framework, after which the site specific stages at drive-in road included the mapping,analysis,the development of a strategic master plan and the final detailed design. Located at the Gurukul labor Naaka, the design aims to address intersecting issues of vulnerability, exclusion from basic infrastructure, and economic rights through the provision of a community center which integrates various functions as a centrally located design program which can cater to the requirements of the user groups on-site.

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Mapping of the city and disease - based on the works - An infection of locality : Plague, pythogenesis and the poor,(P.kidambi,2004), Bio-security and the diagramming of disease (Hinchliffe et al, 2016), An organisation of ideological discourse in times of unexpected crisis : Explaining how COVID-19 is exploited by populist leaders (Ajnesh prasad,2020)

Mapping the activities on drive-in road, and an analysis of what vulnerability is. what are the factors that bring about such vulnerability? what role does the exclusion from basic infrastructures play in making people 'vulnerable'? what role do the more dominant private and state actors have to play in exacerbating such vulnerabilities? This study was done over a period of 2 weeks, through observational mapping and interviews, which helped us answer the above questions, which then informed the later design decisions that were rooted in the provision of infrastructure and basic services.

Analysis and mapping - studying edge conditions and relationship between activities on the public realm and private Boundaries

strategic master plan stage : 1 Land reclamation

strategic master plan stage : 2 Community centers

Design programme and incorporating the functions

Contextualising the programme to the site – articulating the design by clarifying the relations of the functions to each other

Floor plans and exploded axonometric

Axonometric view of the community center (Labourers 'ka' space)