Abhishek Mummithi


Abrigo- A Shelter From The Urban

SG highway is one of the most important roads in the city of Ahmedabad. It acts as a connector between many cities as well as to the inner city. It is a container for many commercial activities, making it one of the most quickly developing areas of the city. The highway acts as the most peripheral interface of the city due to which, for many years migrants from nearby villages have been settling here. But in the recent times the highway has seen immense development especially after the introduction of six lane system and construction of multiple flyovers and underpasses. It is an important commercial hub of the city. Due to these developments the vulnerable groups have faced continual conflicts with other user groups. These people are denied of their basic necessities and the pandemic have added to their plight. Spaces which cater to all user groups but also protect the vulnerable from conflicts is extremely essential. To accomplish this, some of the under-utilized spaces can be used to create attractor points which attract people along with commercial activity, in order to utilize the available spaces to their potential. 

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