Vidisha Sahay


Affirming Space for Children

This engagement tries to capture a perspective on how kids go about using space here at the highway without much amenities given that they are the children of pavement dwellers. The ongoing pandemic has shown us that while they have lost whatever little income they had, children, doing well in life, is a priority, in terms of education. Here is a project that attempts to cater to this need so as to subtly serve the purpose of child development while also addressing the need to better accommodate the existing public space. 
Our site engagement and masterplan preparation:

Report Content

Garnering an understanding on situations of pandemics.

Mapping our site, S.G. Highway (Ahmedabad) after having identified pavement dwellers' children as the most vulnerable group in this situation.

Noting some of the basic needs that have to be addressed.

Glimpse of strategies for the masterplan.

A masterplan that primarily allocates strategies for the children's needs.

Zooming in, on to a stretch, to lay out the strategies.

For children of pavement dwellers.

For pavement dwellers.

For visitors of 'Mukhti Dhaam', looking for a quieter surrounding.

For the kiosk and the vendors.