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Jasveer Singh Kalsi


Highway to Home: Highway for city, home for a community.

SG Highway is a highway that leads many citizens to their homes, it itself is a large home for the pavement dwellers. These pavement dwellers live there, sleep there, work there and play there. But they actually don't have any infrastructure which would help them survive pandemic and post-pandemic times.
HIGHWAY TO HOME proposes a design, where these pavement dwellers have a space of shelter, education, kitchen, toilets as well as medical facilities, to survive the pandemic times, that too near their business areas. With Redesigned streets, more public accessible spaces are created to increase their business and the nearby environment.

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These show some of the locations of pavement dwellers' settlement as well as the type of business they do to survive.

The image above shows some of the day-to-day negotiations of various communities of pavement dwellers.

The above image identifies some of the needs of different groups of pavement dwellers from Pakwan Crossing to Zydus Crossing.

A table of identified target groups, their needs, design objectives and design intervention was created. Below that, is the overall masterplan for the site.

The above image shows some of the strategies that were to be implemented in the proposed design.

Axonometric view and Sectional Axonometric view with the proposed design (Pakwan Crossing)

Divided into 2 parts, the northern side and the southern side, shows the proposed design on plan and axonometric view.

Proposed shelter space, kitchen, subsidized ration store and toilet shown on top. Redesigned sidewalk with Kiosks shown on the bottom.

Open public space under the flyover shown on the top. Educational space (Anganwadi) show on the bottom.

Public playground and public park under the flyover, to increase presence of children to boost the business of the balloon vendors (Target pavement dweller group).