Eilaaf Fatima Ansari


Augmenting the Core of Saurashtra: Rajkot-2036

Rajkot is identified primarily as an industrial and economic stronghold in the Saurashtra region of the Indian state of Gujarat. The city’s development and growth is intertwined with the presence of many ecologically sensitive areas. For the holistic growth and development of the city, DP-2036 has been formulated. The aim is to enhance the connectivity, economy of the city and at the same time focus has been to preserve the natural features of the region. The development plan aims at making the city more inclusive, thus augmenting the core of Saurashtra. 

Report Content

Introduction to Development Plan and it's Various Attributes

Rajkot: City Profile and Economic Scenario

Analyzing Spatial Growth, Strengths, Issues and Observations of the City

Conceptual Framework: Boundary Re-delineation, Vision and Initial Concepts

Proposals for a Robust Road Network to Enhance Connectivity & Mobility

Envisaging the City: Proposed Zoning and Visualization

Liberal Mixed Use Approach- DCR & City Character

Proposals and Policies- Reconstructing the Heritage of Rajkot

Infrastructure Proposal-Execution, Funding and Revenue Mechanism

Reflections, Learnings and Takeaways