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Aditi Mishra


Play pockets- Creating play spaces for kids at Bhadra

The basic idea of design is to create play areas for children at Bhadra plaza. Children often tend to congregate within the plaza only. However, through design we aim towards creating several play pockets throughout the Plaza. Several pockets have been identified which are not in use at present, or even if they are used, it is only for the purpose of dumping waste. Through the design we aim to not only introduce play elements to the space but also to keep the context of the space intact. 

Report Content

GROUND ZERO- The cartography is an attempt to narrate the lives of the kids at Bhadra Plaza elaborately. Instead of giving an overall analysis , the cartography takes into consideration kids from three different backgrounds, all living together at the same place. While one of them is a full time druggist, we have a toddler as well as a vendor kid. The narration includes the day to day play activities of the kids from playing cards at the plaza to jumping on and off the cars. We a

Image reference for the cartography.

Performance cartography.

Existing site conditions .

Proposed plans

Design Catalogue