Aishwarya Rishitha Nagireddy


The Trial

Embarking on an urban metamorphosis in Jamalpur's Old City, 'The Trail' navigates the hyper-density intricacies faced. This project introduces strategic parasitic interventions, reshaping constrained public spaces alongside terrace enhancements, bridges, and communal plazas. The terrace, unveils as a novel ground, redefining urban interaction. 'The Trail' becomes a compelling chapter in urban evolution, transcending the mundane. It's a tangible narrative where design isn't just functional but an immersive experience. It is a thought-provoking exploration of how spaces can breathe new life into a community, forging an urban identity that challenges and captivates.

Report Content

Immersed in Jamalpur's hyper-dense housing conflux, the collage unfolds a visual narrative, capturing the essence of vibrant community life.

Mapping for Vitality: Prioritizing space, studies reveal insights for expanding public realms, curbing encroachment, and elevating overall quality of life.

Empowering Communities: Charting a course for Jamalpur's future, our vision unfolds through strategic interventions, expanding public realms, and fostering community vitality.

In a meticulously crafted urban symphony, the design journey unfolds—major axis identification, surgical interventions, and terrace bridging—immersing the observer in an academic narrative of urban evolution.

A panoramic isometric view reveals transformative elements—sky bridges, cultural anchors, and the parasitic loop—interweaving community character into the site's vibrant and interconnected urban identity.

From crisis to transformation: The initial state reveals alleyways stifled by debris and spatial constraints, compromising community connectivity. Post-transformation, our design unlocks urban potential, doubling spatial capacity with innovative terrace repurposing, seamless bridges, and graceful ramps. This holistic approach transcends spatial constraints, elevating overall quality of life and cultivating resilience in our reimagined urban fabric

In the unfolding perspective plan, the site's vision harmonizes terrace interventions and ground spaces, encapsulated by the central temple plaza. A visual narrative captures interconnected lives, where alleys transcend pathways, creating a dynamic interplay between built and lived environments, redefining urban living for all.

Emerging from the Flower Market entrance, the Central Plaza unfolds—a transformative design transcending past congestion caused by parked vehicles, now a vibrant space for community convergence

In this visual narrative, the metamorphosis is vivid—the once underutilized terraces, now transformed into a dynamic second ground, offer sweeping views of connecting bridges. A testament to design ingenuity redefining the very essence of urban living.

The Trial : Physical manifestation of the design brief as 3d models