Shriya Dhir


From 'Roads' to 'Streets'

Mitigating Dependence on Private Vehicles- The old city of Pune is changing its character from people-oriented to a car-oriented one. This is making the public transport inefficient. In order to reduce the dominance of privately owned vehicles and solve the problem of increasing congestion, this work proposes three solutions. It is the goal of the project to encourage people to use Non Motorized Travel (NMT) and public transport through i.) Introducing tram as an attractor ii.) Enhancing experience of people walking on sidewalks iii.) Changing vehicular movement

Report Content

This exercise is about getting to know various street elements, different user groups, varied encroachments and negotiations. It helped us to capture the pulse of Ahmedabad streets

Case study of Copenhagen done to have an international context to understand various projects being adopted in cities which help to cater to their vision. In this case, it is to increase mode share of walking and cycling

Case study of Washington- Understanding the city of Washington D.C.

Comparative Analysis

Pune is the site for the project. Hence, knowing how the city came about and what are the ongoing projects there.

Understanding wada typology as a part of a workshop held in Pune

Illustrating the problems observed on site

Way forward leading to concept based on concerns

Building of an aim and thus, reaching at the design

Final design