Shah Yash Jigarbhai


'Anubhav'-Recreating Playful Space

To change the existing concepts of intercommunity partition, this project aims to increase interactions between different community kids as well as their parents. Although the main user group is kids, the intention is to create opportunities to spend quality time for all. Together with kids, I have decided on the program, type of outdoor spaces, and the relationship between spaces, by presenting them the design through an interactive physical model. The concept of the design is to create bonding between kids of all communities through common activities and play. The design provides an afterschool atmosphere where kids can come to learn and play in groups. I have tried to design playful space that is mostly open and offers a range of spatial qualities to cater to all. The project follows a phasing system in which the first and second phases make children more interactive and parents aware of the project. Parents are very concerned about their kids. So the project also provides interactive and attractive spaces for grown-ups. Removing the thought of hierarchy from kids’ minds will be a milestone as they are the future of the village.

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Concept Development

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