Manoj S


Elements of Urban Design - Place making studio

The studio was structured as an introduction to urban design representation and how it is used as a means of design thinking. The premise is that urban design is best understood and expressed through the study and representation of the built urban environment. Hence the studio will focus on the study and representation of the key urban elements in cities and will be structured in multiple modules running through the semester, each culminating with an exhibition of the outcome. These modules will significantly focus on effectively capturing and communicating the spatial qualities of the urban built environment. Module 1 involves perceiving and representation of the key elements of urban design. The premise is that building types, urban blocks, streets and public open spaces form the key elements that come together to make any functional urban space. The exercises in this module will enable students with methods to study each element and how they contribute to the scale, form, character and their relationship with the larger urban context. Module 2 final exercise which will involve the application of the abilities and skills developed in the first module through the preparation of a framework plan for an urban intervention. This module focuses on preparing and representing site analysis, design strategies The culmination of this module will be to prepare a set of effective communication representation drawings for the design and the analysis.

Report Content

By studying various building typology, it gave the insight of how building edge condition and it character interact with the public domain.

Streets are important public spaces in any city. A study on successful street helped to understand how various physical elements and activities helps the street to work.

Urban Open space provide the space for recreation. It gives the form and shape to the city.

Study on Urban Block made us to understand that block is combination of various Building type, streets, open space.

Place making studio - Sunrise Park street, Vastrapur selected for intervention.

Strategies - Concept

Proposed street design for selected stretch of 300m in Sunrise Park street, Vastrapur

Proposed Junction

Parklets - Existing and proposed street design

Proposed view of Social median in Sunrise Park street, Vastrapur