Vidushi Singh


Elements of Urban Design: Spatial qualities

The studio focused on major aspect of urban design which forms the essential part in urban context. These are building types, streets, open spaces, and urban blocks. These are essential part of place-making in any urban context. Urban design representation was the main focus of the structure of the studio. It effectively captures communicating the spatial qualities of a built environment. The exercises enabled us with methods to study each element and how they contribute to the scale, form, character and their relationship with the larger urban context. It ensured every individual to have an 3d modelling skill polished for making communicative isometrics. During the design phase we had to analyze an opportunity area at a particular site and thereby exploring the strengths, challenges and constraints for on ground reality intervention. Design strategies, focus on contextual relevance, intention with urban design elements made us to plan a framework for a overall master plan.

Report Content

Elements of Urban Design 2a. Building Types

Elements of Urban Design 2a. Building Types

Elements of Urban Design 2b. Streets

Elements of Urban Design 2c. Open Space

Elements of Urban Design 2d. Urban Blocks

Activating Ahmedabad Haat Street and connecting Vastrapur lake.

Design Strategies

Master plan and sections

Junction detail

Open plaza detail