Yash Siroliya


Paldi - Ripe for Urban Infill

Cities are always in a phase of growth. This phase is either progressive to the existing market construct or contradicts the current labour markets. Infill development is a future regeneration model for urban transformations. Urban infill is a potential way to extract city resources such as vacant and underutilized land parcels in the city. Infill development is a challenge and a solution to growing urban sprawl, it is a potential way to create walkable communities, facilitate residents with housing choice, safeguard open spaces, fore-shorten infrastructure expenses, and revitalize old neighbourhoods. The publication is designed in a manner to position Paldi to be ripe for urban infill. First, it covers the broader context that reinforces growth and then the second part defines the parameters supporting infill development which are (a) Availability of urban land i.e. vacant urban land and potential land for redevelopment. (b) Land markets driving development. (c) Robust city networks and (d) City level public spaces.

Report Content

Situating Neighbourhood

Interpreting Transitions in Paldi

Robust Urban Structure

Undervalued City Parcel

Labour Markets in Close Proximity

Job Centers Concentrated around Civic Nodes

Neighbourhood of Contrasting Networks

Characteristics of Access Routes

Street Character

City Level Public Spaces