Manoj S


Rise and Fall of Diamond hub - Bapunagar

Employment that generated in mills attracted migrants to settle in and around Bapunagar, Ahmedabad. The development of this area is believed to have happened due to diamond business companies and employees. Bapunagar was first developed by the Gujarat housing board for the mill workers who were working in the textile industries located nearby. It is located 12 km from the old city. The livelihood of the people who in working these units were enhanced that has been observed in the precinct transformation from low income group to middle income group. Recession in diamond hub lead to development of embroidery industry and local markets in and around Bapunagar. However, diamond units are in and around Bapunagar but the study is carried out only in specified 1 area. The study was done through different quantitative and qualitative methodologies such as surveys, mapping, physical documentation etc.

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History and Evolution

Jobs and Livelihood

Public Transport

Housing and Transport choices

Land price market

New source of Livelihood

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