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Anuj Vijaykumar Chandak


Maratha Nagar: An Institutional Neighbourhood

Akola is located in Maharashtra, India. Akola coexists with the old and the new settlement. Different typologies, densities, infrastructure etc. which are in the study area, were studied in the Understanding the City Foundation studio at CEPT University. The portfolio analyses various elements in Akola using 1 Sq. Km precinct of Maratha Nagar area as a case study. Maratha Nagar is an institutional and residential hub located North of Akola. Being near to the city centre and having various institutions, Maratha Nagar has become an important location in Akola. This portfolio focuses on understanding various layers of Maratha Nagar which are affecting its development and focusing on how the presence of large institutional area play a role in shaping the developmental of the neighbourhood. Various parameter like the study of landUse patter, FSI population density, availability of economic opportunities, and the presence of various infrastructure, were used to understand the development of Maratha Nagar and its challenges.

Report Content

Transformation of Akola into Institutional hub

Maratha Nagar, Akola

Important Institutions in Maratha Nagar

Effect of Institutions on Land Development and Housing

Higher Property Price near Institutions

Institutional Area Providing Informal Economic opportunities

Deficiency in Basic Infrastructure

Lack in Municipal Water Supply

Transportation Infrastructure