Vidisha Sahay


Extended Grounds - A Parking Building

Beginning with an understanding of the scale of space that a car occupies and the elements that make up a parking building, we looked on to understand what would it mean to design a parking building, in which case the project aimed to re-imagine the space brimming with life wherein the whole building livens up and becomes inviting, in contrast to a space that is typically preferred to be avoided. Keeping this in mind, the parking building had to create opportunities for these public spaces to occur to which the people get  attracted, thus adding life into the building.

Report Content

Gauging the extent of space that a car occupies

Building visions for the urban space

Understanding a parking layout

Initiating the design process resulting in the formation of modules

Exploring using modules

Model of the form made with the modules

The idea behind the parking building that is to let public spaces emerge at various levels of the building

The parking building- Extended Grounds

Aspects of the design

Aspects of the design