Lopamudra Baruah



The vision is to enhance the characteristics of the transit node in Andheri in an attempt to foster inclusivity, ecological sensitivity and quality life for the inhabitants attracted by employment opportunities created at the local and regional level. To achieve this vision, flexibility of usage of both built and open environment, maximizing inclusive and equal practices of space allocation, smooth transition and integration from and between one transit mode and the other are few key solutions. The final comparative matrix is drawn to understand the creation of an urban space which is informed by different policies and design principles. 

Report Content

Evolution of Mumbai resultant of different policies

City profile



Principles and strategies to achieve the vision

Contours, Green open spaces, Green corridors, Street character, time based zoning; key factors that directed the structuring of the vision plan

Free Design: Streets: TOD zone; Ecological corridor; Integration of different transit modes are key factors here

Urban Conditions: physical and relationship changes

Urban Conditions: physical and relationship changes

Comparative Matrix: understanding the friction between numerous policies following different principles and how they shape our urban spaces.