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Sahane Pratiksha Shivaji Anita


Renewable energy - Rooftop solar panel installation

Owing to increasing energy demands & high solar potential, this study focuses on the energy consumption calculation, reclassification and Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) for Gandhinagar, Gujarat.  Use of advanced remote sensing and spatial analysis techniques for understanding of rooftop shadows using 5m buffer around trees, vegetation was examined by NDVI and Hillshade analysis for identifying the suitable rooftops for solar panel installation. Area Solar Radiation for 9 months  gave Sector-12 as focus area with 3D mapping. Using python tools and design of an interactive web map interface, economic and environmental benefits of solar panel installation is discerned.

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Report Content

Why solar as renewable energy?

Solar PV system and components

Aim and Objectives

Calculation for rooftop solar energy & interpretations

Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP)

NDVI and Hillshade Analysis

Area Solar Radiation (ASR) for sunny days

Focus Sector and potential buildings

Tree Buffer analysis and Conclusion

Model, tool and interactive mapping