Titiksha Bhatia


Water Supply & Storm Water System

The theme of the studio is GIS for Governance under the framework of Smart Cities. The study aims to build the Smart Water Supply Network and highlight Flood Vulnerable areas using Geo-spatial techniques. Smart Water Supply System can be handy in decision making, using Geospatial techniques for the operation of the supply system, to prevent water wastage and enable service quality. Further, deducing to the flood vulnerable sectors which are mainly due to the increased amount of impervious surface leading to a reduction in the nature soaking of rainwater. Lastly, Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting can act as a boom for GMC, it will reduce the runoff of the city minimizing the urban flood vulnerability as well as can be a contribution to an external source of freshwater for increasing demand in the future. 

Report Content

Aim & Methodology

Existing Water Supply System

Smart Water Supply System

Complaint Assessment

Spatial Distribution of Rainfall of Gujarat state and Strom Pipeline Capacity

Extraction of Impervious Surface Area

Surface Runoff Estimation

Urban Flood Vulnerability

Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting


Project Video