Ansh Gupta



For designing the modules, various design principles were applied. Two independent volumes were clubbed together to achieve the final design comprising of the main Library. Various details such as gutter and gargoyles, skylight, railing, flooring, lintel and sill, typical brick course plan for the whole building, squinch, and recessed wall were also covered as the part of the project. It was supposed to be a load-bearing structure (all structural elements should be made of bricks). We did a lot of different exercises before coming to the final project for getting acquainted with the principles of design, properties, and nature of bricks, and the overall essence of brick construction.
So the focus is to design as per their ethics which gives building its special character. Also how to construct and analyze drawings as per the structure point of view. 
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Report Content

Case Study, Site Images

Case Study, Working Drawings

Brick Bonding and Sitting

Building Elements

Library Working Plans

Library Working Sections

Library Working Detailed Drawings 1.

Library Working Detailed Drawings 2.

Staircase Formwork Working Drawings and Library Working Detailed Drawings 3.

3D Model Different Views