Akshat Dharmesh Shah

Technical Representation of Products

A Journey learning Technical Skills

The intent of the course was to equip the students with the various digital skills and understand its application during the different stages of design and technically represent the product. The course was divided into two modules. First module aimed to explore the digital softwares of Autodesk Sketchbook, Rhinoceros and SolidWorks to develop different double-curved, non-Cartesian forms for a selected product. The second module aimed at designing, resolving and technically representing a product using the acquired digital skills.

Report Content

Digital Sketching

Digital Modeling

Technical Representation : Eames Chair

Technical Representation : Shell Chair

3D Model

Design Concept

Evolution of the form

Representation of the Concepts (Initial Exploration)

Technical Representation Using SolidWorks

The Floating Feather- Recliner