Mayank Jindal

Sudio 2

The Foundation Program

The Foundation Program at CEPT University CEPT University focuses on understanding, designing, planning, constructing, and managing human habitat. Its teaching programs build thoughtful professionals and its research programs deepen the understanding of human habitat and environment. The CEPT Foundation Program, set up in July 2018, provides the first step in this direction. The program believes in an intersectional approach that encourages students to learn across discipline boundaries, evolving an understanding of the interconnected nature of their future professional lives. The program balances technical skills, discipline-related critical thinking, and an ability to express oneself through varying media. It aims to ensure excellence in these skills and abilities, and instill a work ethic and work habits which will enable the students to develop as professionals. Its pedagogy provides exposure to broader concerns in the world, and encourages an exploration of one’s individual creativity while emphasizing on rigor. The program strives to provide support to each student to develop to the best of their abilities. 

Report Content

colour theory

Model making 1

joinery details

Joinery details

Materials and joining elements

Mapping and Human activity tracing

Field studio

Free hand drawings

How things work

pixelation exercise