Faculty: Kruti v Shah | Harsh Chauhan

Urban Corridors: Intervention of residual space under the overpass

With increasing urbanization in metro cities the need of land, infra-structure and transportation have also increased. It tends to decrease void or public spaces in such cities. There are many spaces in these cities, which can be converted in to different well designed urban voids. Amongst these spaces, residual spaces under overpass (flyovers, bridges, metro bridges) have the potential to become engaging public spaces. The spaces under such overpass often seemed to be forgotten, neglected, unattractive and derelict spaces. As urban designers, it is important to consider that these spaces have potential to be transformed into distinguished space having visual pleasure and can be beneficial to people and city. The overpass has very strong character as it provides generous underneath space with no barriers. The studio is about developing a system where these residual spaces are redesigned into public spaces and work cohesively with pedestrian and vehicular movement and context.