Faculty: Snehal Nagarsheth

Towards Design Language

The studio "rather than using the metaphor of the project, uses the metaphor of ... matrix"[1] to evolve and explore the learning of design. This studio addresses the idea of customisation as the underlying precondition of design. The studio positions design to a syntactical query instead of semantic position and hope to work towards exploring, developing and evolving design language for the student-designer in many design situations. The studio proceeds on a path which addresses many design situations to evolve a 'language' for the student designer through an iterative method of work.
"Design is considered as a practice of composition of tensions. ... Designers organize their practice not so much as a sequence of events but more as a field to compose within..."[2] Thus multiple different design situations will address the sensorial aspects of design from the haptic dealing with touch and feel, notions of audible or related to the auditory