Hetanshu Dilip Pandya



This Speculative intervention would aim at the villages or smaller settlements which are located spatially along the Narmada Canal, which are so small or insignificant in terms of their presence that often their needs are ignored. The Narmada Canal which promised water to 17 district 79 talukas and 3125 villages of Gujarat for irrigation purposes, which has now diverted its flows for the need of the cities, from which the farmers and the industries have to steal water for their needs, can be transformed into a network which can provide other facilities and basic infrastructural amenities which these villages lack.

Report Content

campus mapping of different flows of water and experiences related to them

AHM city matrix- interactive mapping model to visualize and map data


tools to craft


craft map- the path to craft

" a floating place of peace"

" look ma school's here! "

why speculate? what to speculate?