Faculty: Nishant Mittal | Dhara Mittal

Designing Water Infrastructure for Civic Expression

Designing Water Infrastructure for Civic Expression” will investigate the many natures and scales of water, and develop an approach to documentation, representation and design techniques to render visible a new collective imagination around water in the city of Ahmedabad and its hinterlands.
Through the studio the students will render visible the true water boundaries of the city of Ahmedabad. Building progressively they will establish the relationship of the urban center to its fringes and hinterlands. Consequently, flipping the order from out back to the center, they will critique and question the banality of muted infrastructures. Finally strategically selecting a scale and typology to intervene with, the students will demonstrate the idea of using infrastructure as a medium of civic expression and more importantly public life.
Class participants will work incrementally to establish multi-scalar relationships, from the scale of the building, to the city fringes and the territory;